Proudly, we have a board of the best instructors in the middle east, with experience and knowledge in various types of Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Energy Healing, Healing Massage and more...

Meet Aaed

Yoga Instructor - Healing Massage Therapist - Mediation Expert - Motivational & Public Speaker / Founder of BYC

Meet Alaa

Yoga Instructor - Thai Massage Therapist - Pro Musician / Co-owner at BYC

Meet Mayssam

Yoga Instructor - Prenatal Yoga Expert - Breathing & Meditation Guide/ Managing Partner at BYC

Meet Tania

Yoga Instructor - Energy Healer - Meditation Guide

Meet Reefo

Yoga Instructor - Hatha Yoga Trainer - Online & Social Media Specialist at BYC

Meet Riham

Yoga Instructor - Hatha Yoga & Kids Yoga Expert - Internal Communications Coordinator at BYC