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Founder of Beirut Yoga Center, Aaed is a yogi and a Healer. He began practicing yoga in 1996 at the age of 15. He visited countries like India, Nepal, Thailand and many others, for the purpose of exploring yoga traditions, he practiced many techniques including transcendental meditation by Maharishi, Silent retreats as Vipasana Meditation, Breathing with the Art of Living and The Knowledge techniques by Maharaji. Aaed studied and practiced Buddhist meditation techniques with professor Dan Brown, from Harvard university, including Mahamudra, dzogchen and emptiness practices of the Bon tradition.
He also studied Thai Massage, Thai Yoga, 200 hrs Sivananda Yoga India where he also took the advanced Sadhana Intensive course twice. Later he got his Hot Yoga Certificate from Bikram yoga. He lately took 50 hrs in yin Yoga also with "yin yoga Mexico". He is as well an E-RYT 500 hrs with the International Yoga Alliance. He Founded, "Beirut Yoga Academy" a registered yoga school. He provides precise instructions, based on the 25 years of experience, study and practice of different healing and movement modalities. He facilitates healing sessions, massage, yoga workshops and retreats, Satsangs and chanting as well as guided meditations.


Functional Medicine Health Coach & Experienced Yoga Teacher, with over 15 years of experience in yoga, Mayssam enjoys bringing awareness to the areas of health & wellness. She rejoices in teaching ways to integrate health and the mind-body connection into daily life. Her dedication to yoga as a practice shines through in her teaching style and she is Certified in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Aerial, Prenatal and Kids yoga.
As a Functional Medicine Health coach she aspires to help people create healthier lifestyles as many chronic illnesses are manageable and even preventable through lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. Her role as Mom lead her as well to certify as Mindful Birthing Coach and Holistic Childbirth Educator, in order to support women in their prenatal & birth experience. She is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for women.


Alaa has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2002, and believes that yoga is a personal endeavor and self-reflection. With a background of music, Alaa blends his yoga classes with an energetic rhythmic voice and flowing sequences.
Alaa’s classes will challenge you, make you sweat, and push you to the next level. They will open and strengthen your body all while bringing you to a state of peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


Over 5 years of yoga experience Rifaat has developed the proper approach on how to give Yoga classes suiting our day to day life and help releasing all the tension and stress that we go through every day. Rifaat started teaching yoga at Beirut Yoga Center in 2017 directly after completing his 200 hrs YTT with a double certificate from Beirut Yoga Center and Yoga Vana India. Rifaat believes that the effort, the energy and the outcome happen while we are applying the action, despite the results' level of satisfaction.
Rifaat moved to Cotonou, Benin to pursue his marketing career, proving again that yoga is a practice applied off the mat as well as on it. He is working on various projects and simultaneously giving his colleagues and other fellow corporates the fundamental breathing techniques and office stretches that keep the energy ongoing and improving productivity. Last but not least, he represents BYC in various events, along with giving private and open classes there.


Riham Ghanem, internal communication and customer service at Beirut Yoga Center since 2019. A Hatha, Aerial, and kids yoga instructor since 2020. Riham began practicing yoga in 2014 at the age of 16, and got her 200 hours double certification from yoga vana forest academy India and Beirut yoga center in Jul-Aug 2019, then went further into kids yoga in Feb 2020, after that she got her Aerial Yoga certification in May 2020. She combines her major as a clinical laboratory science graduate with her passion of being a yoga instructor, in which she creates yoga flows that fits all body types, focuses on body posture, breath, and releasing of stored tension in different body parts.
She worked privately with kids that have insecurities and low self-esteem, guiding them using the breath and fun physical movement to help them let go of suppressed emotions and build good habits. Moreover, she worked with people that had been suffering from scoliosis, wrong body posture, vertigo, back pain, joint injuries, multiple sclerosis… through designing sequences that meet the client’s needs using breath-centered and mindfulness yoga techniques. Always sharing the knowledge, and spreading love. If you want to know more about Riham visit @BeirutYogacenter: https://instagram.com/beirutyogacenter?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Tania Feghali, Pranic healer and yoga instructor at Beirut Yoga center. She started her yoga practice in 2006 with a classical ballet background with Georgette Gebara. In 2009, she explored more into pranic healing, completed several courses, and got certified by the world pranic healing foundation. In 2010, Tania attended the Jivamukti workshop that happened in Beirut; with David Life and Shanon Gannon. She got her 200 hours certification from the Lotus Academy of Yoga and yoga vana forest academy India in July2018.
Tania inspires her student by combining the pranayama breathing techniques with fluid physical movements, and channeling a contagious positive healing energy with the attendees.


I started practicing yoga 40 days after giving birth to my third boy- but I had been active fitness enthusiast throughout all three of my pregnancies.
Yoga was exceptional for me, as it combines three basic elements: movement, breath and focus.


Cezar, a passionate yoga practitioner since 2017, got certified by Beirut Yoga Center and Yoga Vana india in 2021 after the completion of a 200 hrs teacher training course. His experience in SriLanka and the different yoga techniques he acquired knowledge in, positively impacted his personal practice and teaching.
Cezar’s classes focus on physical body strengthening postures that benefit ones mental and emotional health, and are taken to the day to day life. Cezar currently teaches at Beirut Yoga Center and represents them in various other spaces and gyms in Lebanon.


Farah is as her name implies "JOY", is a joyful and elegant in character leading a yogi attitude by example. Her passion, genuine seeking and curiosity led her to enter the world of yoga. Luckily, she joined the TTC through Beirut Yoga Center to start her new journey as a yoga teacher and help others discover a sense of oneness with themselves, the world & nature as she witnessed yoga change her life on many levels including the social and emotional one. For 13 years, she had been teaching several subjects at schools. She is teaching kids and adults differently this time!
She is a Prenatal Yoga Teacher as well, took her course with one of the world renowned schools in the topic, "The Arhanta School". She is now spreading this knowledge and helping ladies go with the pregnancy journey in a safe and peaceful, healthy way.


Mario’s relationship with yoga began in 2017 but it wasn’t firmly planted until 2019 when his world started crashing down. The practice of pranayama and asanas helped quiet his mind, soothe his body and made him more patient and present. He completed a 200-hours Hatha teacher training at Beirut Yoga Center and Yoga Vana Forest Academy India in 2022. Seeking more knowledge, in July 2023 he completed a 50-hours yin yoga teacher training taught by Sissy Gonzalez founder of yin yoga mexico
. In December 2023, he completed 300- hours yoga teacher training at Himalaya yoga valley in goa. He studied and practiced the traditional ashtanga and iyengar. Mario wants to share yoga for the greater good and reach as many humans as possible. His classes include innovative sequences and transitions inspired by his artistic background as an interior and landscape architect. He aims to share a creative and playful approach while encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and to explore themselves.


Amal began practicing yoga in 2019. Inspired by her devoted teachers, she instantly fell in love with the practice and became an assiduous yoga practitioner. As her body became stronger and healthier, she discovered that her yoga mat was a place to find self awareness and mind and body connection. Yoga became her passion, a lifestyle. With more than 12 years of teaching experience in the academic field, she decided to take her career into a different direction. In 2022, she completed a 200Hr teacher training at Beirut Yoga Center and Yoga Vana Forest academy India.
Later on, in 2023, she completed a 50hr Yin Yoga teacher training, led By Sissy Gonzalez founder of Yin Yoga Mexico. Her classes are a mix of hatha and yin yoga, flowing dynamic sequences to strengthen the muscles, balancing posture to ground the body and restorative postures to unwind. The students learn to listen to their bodies, discover their points of strength, relax from all the tension and stress.


Shirin is, a certified Pilates instructor since 2009, excels in mat Pilates at all levels. Joining the BYC family in 2022, she passionately advocates for the transformative benefits of Pilates, embracing a motto that encourages perseverance.
"Try if you can't; try again, one day you will achieve."

Romy Makdissi/ Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

Romy Makdissi is a certified osteopath dedicated to holistic well-being. She graduated from l’Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie Paris and embarked on a journey exploring the realms of osteopathy and yoga, merging their principles for optimal patient health. Romy significantly contributed to the recovery of the Top 14 rugby team, Stade Francais.
She obtained a certification, aiming to integrate yoga principles into her osteopathic care. Driven by a profound interest in women's health, Romy specialized in the hypopressive method and prenatal/postnatal yoga under Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet. Her commitment to holistic well-being extended to teaching prenatal yoga at the "Institut Franco-Britannique"-Levallois in France. With a focus on an integrated approach to wellness, Romy blends her expertise in osteopathy and yoga to guide individuals toward optimal health. Her experiences underscored the significance of breath and movement in overall bodily wellness, prompting her to delve into the world of yoga.