Hand stand- BAckbends- hot yoga openings


Three outstanding workshops

1- Handstand workshop 

If you want to learn how to handstand or develop your handstand skills this is the workshop for you!!

Variations shall be given for different experiences. There is a lot to explore with handstands:

getting comfortable being on your hands

strength, mobility and conditioning

understanding and experiencing balance with physical, technical, mental and guidance on breathing preparation

refinement of various handstand shapes

Different entries and safe / efficient exits such inc. various jumps or presses

working on / towards / shapes / one arm balancing / side bends / movement in handstands

Depending on where your experience is now, we will start from there and develop a great program for you!

Don’t be shy!! If you are a complete beginner .. we all have to start somewhere!

If you have experience there is so much in this wonderful arena to work on – and experienced eyes always help.

 2- Healthy Spine Workshop – focus backbends

We shall warm up with the five Tibetan sequence then continue our exploration, practice with the study of frontal spinal extension, creating healthy and enjoyable back bending. We shall cover many backbend forms such as camel, wheel, forearm wheel, dancer, chest stand, scorpion. We will develop your practice from where you are.

You will receive alignment adjustments & assistance and have the opportunity to expand and try out backbends and steps to splits in a safe and fun environment. Engage in exercises which contribute to a healthy spine/ approach. Mobility gives you more options, can be rehabilitative and can help prevent injuries. You will have the opportunity to ask questions/get individual feedback. Learning to tune in to the afferent nervous system as well as efferent.

3- Forward Bends, Hip mobility and Pranayama

We shall warm up with a yoga sequence and then bring more of our attention to our forward bends and hip mobility. Forward bends and hip openers can provide more sweetness to our seated practice. Shall cover split training, legs behind the head and some arm-balancing. We culminate in understanding, developing, cultivating a pranayama practice. Experiencing the Koshas in our practice.


1- Saturday 10th from 18:00 to 20:00 Antelias 

Cost 20$


2- Sunday morning 10:00 to 12:00 Antelias 

Cost 20$


3- Monday evening sodeco 7:30 to 9:30 instead of my hot yoga class

Cost 20$ 


Sign up for the three and get a special discount 50$ instead of 60$

About Catie

Catie has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years. Prior to that she was a hedge fund lawyer when not exploring yoga. She teaches at yoga teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, online and more. She has a continuous love of learning in Iyengar yoga, handbalancing, meditation, pranayama, myriad yoga ways, yoga therapy, mobility/strength training, psychology l, character strength’s. She has authored two books and been published in magazines. Catie’s classes cover a diverse array of areas. Each class is unique and catered to you and what is happening. She enjoys people finding some ease and joy in the process

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