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Start the practice that will change your mind on the way you perceive life and bring the coherence between your highest mind and your best version of your self.

Our Classes

We give various types of yoga at both Antelias and Sodeco branches.

Yin Yoga
Aerial Yoga
Detox 40 - Hot Yoga
Kids Aerial Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Booster Yoga

About Us

We are a team of 8 certified and qualified Yoga Instructors. Amongst us 2 renowned Yoga Teachers who offer their time and knowledge for an annual Yoga Teacher training program that takes place in Lebanon during a convenient schedule where candidates will have the opportunity to get certified and teach yoga anywhere in the world, even own a yoga studio, after earning the certificate.

If you are looking for a place to practice self-awareness in a relaxing ambiance, and amongst attendees of same or similar mental approach yet from different backgrounds and places, then it’s the time you join our open classes that we give everyday at both sodeco and antelias branches. 

Sodeco branch was the first to open on March 2014, by the founder (Yoga Teacher) Aaed Ghanem, then the team grew throughout the years, and with the help of his brother Alaa (Instructor & Co-owner) we managed to open Hazmieh and Antelias branch. Unfortunately Hazmieh has to close after the economical crisis and world pandemic, yet we are still in the same consistency, and we aim to grow bigger with the community, not only in Lebanon but wherever the energy leads us.


Founder/ Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher/ Prenatal & Mindful Birthing


Yoga Teacher/ Co-founder


Yoga Instructor/ Adults & Kids Aerial Yoga


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Teacher/ Energy Healer


Yoga Instructor

Our Activities

We’ve shared this beautiful practice with over 5000 attendees at our studios throughout the years, we’ve traveled over 20 times to various counties and made beautiful retreats.
(Lebanon, Jordan, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Japan…)

Our Clients Speak!

We proudly provide a high quality practice on all terms.

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We are available to receive your queries and take reservations to classes.

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