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BYC is a space to Breathe, a Space to practice Yoga, a space to meditate, a space to share knowledge and experience, a space to grab a cup of tea, a space to read and interact, a space that welcomes everybody. 

We can’t express enough in words, but the following says a little: In awe to every breath we take, in awe to the infinite blessings pouring into the heart every single moment, in awe to this universe and to the great equalizer of all times passed and yet to come, in awe to the divine pulse that beats in the cosmic kingdom in tune and dancing with the stars, in awe and gratitude to each and everyone of you.

200 Hrs Yoga TT

Hot Yoga (Detox 40°)

We Grow Together, Join us and expand your life knowledge with Yoga

What you seek is seeking you

What people say about us

Great instructors, nice community, efficient practices for all levels, diverse yoga style and friendly atmosphere. Not to be missed for beginners or advanced people.
Aoun Abi Aoun
Beirut yoga center has a wide variety of yoga classes everyday including weekends. There are different teachers and are all very professional. They organize long yoga retreats.
Zeina Sawaya
Beirut Yoga Center is an amasing place to let go. Once you enter the center you will instantly feel all the positive vibes. The instructors are very professional.
Layal El Sabeh

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